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Wir empfehlen Dir die Anreise mit der Deutschen Bahn, dem öffentlichen Nahverkehr HVV und den günstigen Leihfahrrädern von StadtRAD Hamburg. Es gibt darüber hinaus auch diverse Carsharing-Anbieter in der Stadt.

Die genauen Uhrzeiten aller Veranstaltungen findest Du im Programm.

Falls Du Fragen zu den einzelnen Veranstaltungen hast, wirf gerne einen Blick in unsere FAQ.


Essen & Schlafen


Am gesamten Wochenende ist das Café im Tanzstudio für uns geöffnet. Zum Frühstück sind Filterkaffee und Tee im Festivalticket enthalten. Du kannst Dich bei der Ticketbuchung auch für das Frühstücks-buffet für 5 Euro anmelden und ein vegetarisches Mittagessen für 10 Euro pro Tag bestellen – für einen, zwei oder alle drei Tage. Bezahlen kannst Du Deine Cateringwünsche nur bar vor Ort, sie sind nicht im Ticketpreis inbegriffen.

Im Café bekommst Du zu moderaten Preisen außerdem Getränke und Snacks. Alternativ findest Du in der Nähe Cafés und Restaurants, die gut zu Fuß erreichbar sind. Wir empfehlen Dir auch, eine Trinkflasche mitzubringen, die Du immer wieder auffüllen kannst.


Du kannst auf den Gymnastikmatten im Tanzstudio übernachten. Eine Nacht kostet 20 Euro, jede weitere 15 Euro. Gib Deinen Reservierungswunsch bitte nach Abschluss der Ticketbuchung an. Bezahlen kannst Du nur bar vor Ort.

Beachte: Die Schlafplätze stehen uns von Freitagabend bis Dienstagmorgen zur Verfügung. Alle Übernachtungsgäste schlafen in einem großen Raum. Bringe Kissen, Schlafsack und gegebenenfalls eine Luftmatratze bitte selbst mit.

Wir haben außerdem ein Zimmerkontingent im Hotel Schanzenstern Altona reserviert. Bis zum 26. Februar 2023 kannst Du dort unter dem Stichwort „Body Rhythm Festival“ eine Buchungsanfrage stellen und Einzel-, Doppel oder Mehrbettzimmer reservieren.

Das Formular zur Auswahl Deiner Übernachtungs- und Verpflegungswünsche erscheint automatisch nach Abschluss Deiner Ticketbuchung.

Essen & Schlafen
Body Rhytm_22-56.jpg
  • How do I get to the Bewegungswelten Studios?
    During the festival days all workshops, jams, panel talk and the Open Stage Party will be taking place in the Bewegungswelten Studios (Billie's), Stresemannstraße 374b, 22761 Hamburg, Germany. We recommend that you travel by Deutsche Bahn, HVV public transport and rental bikes from StadtRAD Hamburg. The nearest bus stop is Bornkampsweg. There are also various car sharing providers in the city. If you travel to the festival by car, please park opposite the dance studio (other side of the street) in the courtyard of the Wein-Outlet, Stresemannstraße 375, 22761 Hamburg. Please drive through to the very back and do not park in the front on the customer car park. If you have any further questions about the journey, please send us a message using the contact form.
  • Is there accommodation available?
    You can sleep on the gymnastic mats in the dance studio. One night costs 20 euros, from two nights 15 euros. Please indicate your reservation request at the end of the ticket booking. Since places are limited, first come first serve. You can only pay cash on site. Please note: The sleeping places are available from Friday evening until Tuesday morning. All overnight guests sleep in one big room. Please bring your own pillow, sleeping bag and, optionally, an air mattress. We have also reserved a room contingent at the cozy Hotel Schanzenstern Altona. Until 1 February 2023 you can book single, double and multi-bed rooms there under the keyword "Body Rhythm Festival". Since the places are also limited, the rule is: first come first serve. We can recommend the following accommodations in the area: Superbude, Instant Sleep, B&B Hotel Altona or via and Airbnb. The form for selecting your food and accommodation preferences will appear automatically after you have completed your ticket booking. If you have further questions about accommodation in the dance studio, please send us a message via the contact form.
  • How is the catering at the location arranged?
    During the whole weekend the café in the dance studio is open for us. For breakfast you get filter coffee and tea for free, you can have bread rolls for 1,50 Euro each. When you book your ticket you can also order a vegetarian lunch for 10 Euro per day, for one, two or all three days. You can only pay in cash on site, the meals are not included in the ticket price. You can also get drinks and snacks at moderate prices in the café. Alternatively, you can find cafés and restaurants nearby that are within walking distance. We also recommend that you bring a water bottle with you, which you can fill up again and again. The form for the selection of your catering and accommodation wishes appears automatically after your ticket booking has been completed. If you have further questions about the catering at the dance studio, please send us a message using the contact form.
  • How do I get my ticket?
    We do not send you a ticket by post. After you have purchased your ticket on our website, you will receive an email confirmation. Please report to the check-in on the morning of the workshop day to receive your festival wristband. This entitles you to participate in the workshops.
  • How can I order a festival t-shirt?
    After completing your ticket booking, you will be shown a form. There you can order an ecologically and fairly produced festival T-shirt in your size. You simply pay for your T-shirt in cash at the festival.
  • May I display my flyers?
    Yes, you can! We understand the annual festival not only as a unique meeting of our body music community, but also as a platform for exchange and education. To promote exchange, there will again be a long table in the atrium of the Bewegungswelten studios where you are welcome to display info about your projects. You are also invited to showcase your body, voice and movement skills at the Open Stage on Saturday evening.
  • What are the cancellation conditions?
    You can view our cancellation conditions for ticket bookings at any time here
  • What age group is the festival for?
    People of different ages come to the festival: all generations are welcome here. In past years, people well into their 70s have attended. Festival ticket booking is possible from the age of 16.
  • Where do the workshops take place?
    All workshops on Saturday to Monday are in the Bewegungswelten Studios (Billie's), Stresemannstraße 374b, 22761 Hamburg-Altona. Which course takes place in which studio can be found in the program, which you can also download as a PDF. It will be available at several locations during the festival days.
  • Do I have to register for the individual workshops?
    No, you don't need to register for the individual workshops in advance - your festival ticket is sufficient. On each of the festival days we will post lists for the individual workshops in the morning before the start. Here you can sign up, so that we get an overview of the group size. Since different course concepts and room sizes only allow a certain number of participants, some workshops will be offered more than once.
  • What shoes and clothing should I wear during the workshops?
    The dance rooms can only be entered barefoot, on socks or with indoor shoes. We recommend athletic shoes for most workshops. Your clothing should be such that you can move well in it and feel comfortable.
  • Which language is spoken in the workshops?
    Due to the internationality of our faculty and participants, English is spoken in most workshops. If you are not so confident in English, there is always someone in the course who can translate. In this case, please become active yourself and ask other participants right at the beginning of the course. In the past years, besides German and English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Italian, Dutch, Russian and many other languages were present.
  • For which level of requirements are the workshops intended? Do I need to have previous experience?
    As every year, participants of all levels are welcome: Beginners as well as experienced rhythms will enjoy the different workshops. The workshops cover a wide range of rhythm, song and dance for different levels of experience. By dividing the workshops into three levels, we would like to give you some help in estimating the level of difficulty. You choose for yourself what you are confident in and in which areas you would like to challenge yourself.
  • Can I bring my child to the workshops?
    The workshops are designed for adults. It is possible to register a minor child if you are present as an adult parent or legal guardian. Please write us a message beforehand. Our special 90-minute Kids Workshop is for children between the ages of 8 and 12. You can find more information by clicking on the corresponding product in our shop.
  • What's the taster or introductory workshop?
    The taster workshop offers the opportunity to try body percussion once and get to know the festival. The 90-minute workshop is offered every morning during the festival days. Again, no previous experience is necessary. Those interested have the chance to join the festival afterwards, provided there are still tickets available.
  • How do I get tickets for the Body Rhythm Night?
    You can buy tickets for the Body Rhythm Night on Sunday evening at JazzHall in advance in our online shop. There will also be a box office if tickets are still available. If you purchased your ticket through our website, the number of your tickets will be available for you at the box office. Please simply state your name under which the order was placed. Note: The entrance to the Body Rhythm Night is included in the Full Festival Pass.
  • What is the Opening Concert?
    The festival will open with a public concert at the Hebebühne in Altona. More details can be found on the website. You can find more information by clicking on the related ticket in our shop. Doors open 19:00 Start 20:00
  • Where can I pick up my ticket for the Opening Concert?
    If you have purchased your ticket via our website, the number of your tickets is deposited for you at the box office. Please simply say your name under which the order was placed. Note: Admission to the Opening Concert is included in the Full Festival Pass.
  • What's the Open Stage Party?
    The Open Stage Party is our participants' concert. It will take place after the workshops on Saturday on the improvised stage in Studio 1 of Bewegungswelten Studios (Billie's), Stresemannstraße 374 b, 22761 Hamburg-Altona. All participants of the festival (regardless of ticket), are welcome as spectators. Admission is free of charge. All festival participants are invited to show their skills in body percussion, voice, dance, comedy.... to show their skills. Often spontaneous groups are formed among the participants, who improvise something together on stage. After booking your ticket you can tell us in the form if you are planning a performance. During the festival, a list will be available during the lunch break, where you can sign in with all the necessary information. This way we can plan your contribution well. We are looking forward to many contributions!
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