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"Life changing! The Body Rhythm Festival is an international peace revolution through music."

Chandi, Portugal

"Hamburg embraced

me only with positive energies! I feel blessed."

Federica, Italy

"What an amazing experience with so kind and talented people from all over the world!"

Sophie, France


Body Percussion, Circle Singing, Moves…

Experience yourself and your body as a musical instrument: Three and a half days filled to the brim with workshops, jams, concerts, panel talk and exchange. Beats and sounds with all your senses.

Body Rhythm Festival in Hamburg! The festival that connects rhythm, movement and voice since 2015 - and brings people from all over the world together.

The programme
Workshops, concerts & more!


From a taster workshop to a full festival pass: shape your festival days from a programme with over 40 workshops and three concert evenings. Immerse yourself at the Opening Concert on Friday. Be amazed at what participants show at the Open Stage Party on Saturday. Let yourself be delighted by the performances of our international festival artists at the Body Rhythm Night in the FABRIK on Sunday.
Think outside the box and get inspired by the diverse selection of topics.

What is it all about?
Modern Body Music

The world of modern body music is multifaceted and lies at the meeting point between music and the performing arts. In addition to creating sounds and rhythms with your own body, as is common in body percussion, the festival includes a lot of related areas: Circle Singing and Vocal Painting, Choreography and Brazilian Songs, Pedagogy and Rhythm Games, Improvisation and Performance, Taketina and Konnakol, Beat Box and lots of Groove. Come by and make music with your whole body.

The participants
Meet people from all over


At the festival you will become part of a community of more than 150 people. Get to know Body Rhythm, expand your knowledge or bring in your experiences. You will meet like-minded people from the fields of music, dance, singing, music therapy, pedagogy, choir leading, choreography, body work and many more.
Sexism, racism, homophobia and other forms of discrimination have no place here. People of all origins and identities are welcome.

Platform for music, exchange and creativity


Discover even more Body Percussion

At Body Rhythm Hamburg we are active all year round. To get a taste, to deepen your knowledge or to continue your education, we offer:

Open Play-Your-Body! workshops, multi-week groove courses, weekend specials and online courses.

We also come by: for workshops or school projects, team events and performances for business and private events. Or completely individual ideas.



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